Help 11-month-old Park Forester Lucas Ebbens (Story/Video)

Chicago, IL-(ENEWSPF)- eNews Park Forest received the following email from the father of a young child fighting for his life [sic]:

I was hoping I could reach out to each of you in search for assistance. I am James Ebben I was born and raised on ash st and after 15 yrs our family moved over to warwick st where we reside. My son is now 11 months old and has been in the hospital for a month now at Childrens memorial in chicago and will be moved to the new hospital this weekend. You can see his story at With the cost of gas, parking and such the ronald mcdonalds house of chicago was nice enough to allow my wife and I to stay close to our son during this hard time, and it truely has been a blessing to have that ability. We are doing the family fun walk and we are hoping that you could help get the word out and help us blow the goal out of the water. All donations are accepted online through their secure site at  family-fun-walk.

Thank you all in advance for any donations or spreading the word as every dollar helps keep families together in a time of need. No donation is to large or small and even spreading the word is priceless.

Here’s part of the story from CBS:

CBS 2’s Roseanne Tellez reports shutting down the old hospital in Lincoln Park means the hospital will have to move many fragile patients. In all, approximately 160 patients will be relocated to the new hospital, including 11-month-old Lukas Ebben, who’s spent the last month recovering from colon surgery.

“When had gotten here, he was in septic shock,” his mother Krystle Ebbens said. “His immune system wasn’t fighting anything anymore.”

She said it was a very close call, and Lukas nearly died.

Ebbens, who has been by her son’s bedside every day, is concerned about moving not only Lukas, but all these machines he relies on.

Hospital officials are walking each and every parent through the process.

“My biggest concern about patients is that no one feel scared, anxious, or concerned; parents or the kids,” said child life specialist Rebecca Meyers.

Ebbens said hospital staff has put her at ease.


Donate here to help young Lukas:




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