Powerful Winds Spotted From Mysterious X-Ray Binaries

ESA-(ENEWSPF)- ESA’s XMM-Newton has discovered gas streaming away at a quarter of the speed of light from very bright X-ray binaries in two nearby gal...

Are We Alone? Setting Some Limits To Our Uniqueness

University of Rochester-(ENEWSPF)- Are humans unique and alone in the vast universe? This question--summed up in the famous Drake equation--has for a...

Latin King Nicholas Baez Charged With Murder During Narcotics Conspiracy

Hammond, IN-(ENEWSPF)- United States Attorney David A. Capp announced today that a criminal complaint was filed against Nicholas Baez, a/k/a “Cali”, 2...

Expenditures In FY 2016-2017 Proposed Park Forest Budget Expected To Top $52 M; ‘Non-Core’ Services To Be Assessed

Park Forest, IL-(ENEWSPF)- Expenditures for the upcoming fiscal year are expected to top $52 million, that according to budget the transmittal letter...

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