Average CEO Raise Last Year Amounted to 10x What Most Workers Made in Total

Amid 'disgraceful inequality,' Associated Press analysis finds that median compensation for top executives in 2015 was $10.8 million Washington, DC--(...

ACLU Files to Join Microsoft Lawsuit Against U.S. on Secret Surveillance Requests

As a Microsoft Customer, ACLU Demands Government Notify Users About Email and Cloud Storage Searches SEATTLE —(ENEWSPF)--May 26, 2016.   The American...

ACLU Comment on Lawsuit Filed by 11 States Challenging Obama Administration Transgender Guidance

NEW YORK — (ENEWSPF)--May 26, 2016.  Eleven states have announced legal action against the Obama administration following the release of guidance on h...

Briefing on the State Department Inspector General’s Report, Office of the Secretary: Evaluation of Email Records Management and Cybersecurity Requirements

Washington, DC--(ENEWSPF)--May 25, 2016 MODERATOR: Thank you, and thanks to everyone for joining us on such relatively short notice. Well, we all know...

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