In and Around Park Forest for the Week of August 21, 2016

Park Forest, IL—(ENEWSPF) — Park Forest residents have always been known to have that “volunteer spirit.” Many residents are always interested in lear...

Red Cross Work in Louisiana Just Beginning; Donations needed

Relief could cost at least $30 million; 4,000 Still in Shelters; Others Return Home to Devastation Tenisha Longmire keeps a watchful eye over her 2-ye...

Bill Moyers & David Bly:  It Is Time to Begin the Process of Rebuilding Our Middle-Class Economy

Our collapse from an "opportunity for all" middle-class economy to a "winner-take-all," dog-eat-dog system is behind many problems we face as a societ...

Donald Trump Isn’t Really Reaching Out To African-Americans

Washington, DC--(ENEWSPF)--August 24, 2016 By:  Terrance Heath Donald Trump's so-called "outreach" is just a ploy, argues Heath, one which "allows him...

In Colorado, Tim Kaine Holds Small Business Leaders Roundtable

COLORADO--(ENEWSPF)--August 23, 2016.  On Tuesday, vice presidential nominee Senator Tim Kaine held a roundtable with local small business leaders in...

National Labor Relations Board: Student Assistants Covered by the NLRA

3-1 Columbia Decision Overrules Brown University Washington, D.C. — The National Labor Relations Board issued a 3-1 decision in Columbia University th...

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