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Park Forest, IL--(ENEWSPF)-- The Park Forest Health Department itself is news to many people. Established in 1952, this community health nursing service provides both clinic and in home services. With one phone call and for no fee, you can receive an answer to your health related question from a professional registered nurse. You will be treated with courtesy and consideration. If the nurses at the Health Department cannot provide the care you need, they will make sure that you receive a referral for care from another agency. 

Nurses Plus and the Park Forest Health Department is your headquarters for Flu Shots and Immunizations, Medicare Certified Home Care, Village Nurse Services, Bath Services, Health Consultations, and the 10 Ton Challenge. Located in the lower level of Village Hall, the new facilities are accessible by stairs or elevator.  

Nurses Plus Home Healthcare is launching the "I Choose" program for seniors living in Park Forest. Staff members from the Health Department visit members if they are hospitalized to make sure that all post hospital arrangements for recovery are made. The nurses especially work with family members-at-a-distance to reassure them that Mom or Dad are doing as well as can be. This is a benefit to Park Foresters only.

Call the Health Department 748-1118 for an appointment for a flu shot or drop in the lower level at Village Hall, 350 Victory Drive---if a nurse is in the office; we can give you your immunization. This is free to Medicare part B recipients, $25 for all others. Protect yourself.

Immunization for shingles is now available. The cost-per-dose is around $150.00 but will be a good investment for people over 60 since nearly half of that group may contract shingles in their lifetime. This immunization will not be covered initially by Medicare. Protect yourself.

The Park Forest Health Department  provides many other low cost vaccines for adults.

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