What is Business Wire?

eNews Park Forest is a member of Business Wire news service. 

Business Wire’s website reports the following on the company:

Business Wire is the global market leader in commercial news distribution. Thousands of member companies and organizations depend on Business Wire to transmit their full-text news releases, regulatory filings, photos and other multimedia content to journalists, financial professionals, investor services, regulatory authorities and the general public worldwide.

In fact, Business Wire has the most comprehensive news and disclosure network in the world. They originate hundreds of thousands of news announcements each year, with a dramatic impact on capital and commercial markets around the globe and in virtually every industry sector.

Business Wire’s worldwide proprietary news network and affiliations with more than 60 major news agencies allow companies and organizations to target news releases to more than 145 countries and 45 languages. Business Wire is the only third-party content provider with access to the Associated Press’s worldwide media network and the first to gain access to the respected Agence France-Presse media network. In fact, Business Wire is the only commercial newswire that has full-text carriage provisions with all of the world’s leading news organizations: Agence France-Presse, Associated Press, Bloomberg, Dow Jones and Reuters.

Via Business Wire’s exclusive Smart News Release platform, text news releases and multimedia content are posted online and distributed to key audiences via the Business Wire network. Photo Smart News Releases are posted directly to Yahoo! Finance, distributed to daily newspapers in the US via the Associated Press photo network and posted to community and industry-based websites. Smart News Release also offers photo distribution to newspapers and media in the UK, Europe and Asia via leading photo agency partnerships.

Business Wire’s suite of measurement and monitoring services, NewsTrak, provides news release distribution statistics, website posting reports, online viewership data, media clips, media intelligence, reputation management and analytics.

The focus of eNews Park Forest is and alwas will be Park Forest, IL.  However, appropriate stories from business wire will run in eNews Park Forest when they impact news and events in the Village of Park Forest.

The following is more information provided by Business Wire: 

Business Wire, a Berkshire Hathaway company, is utilized by thousands of member companies and organizations to transmit their full-text news releases, regulatory filings, photos and other multimedia content to journalists, news media, trade publications, institutional and individual investors, financial information services, regulatory authorities, Internet portals, information web sites, business-to-business decision-makers and consumers worldwide. With a news distribution network spanning 150 countries and 45 languages, Business Wire’s multi-channel delivery network, has access to some 60 international and national news agency networks throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

The Business Wire news network is powered by its patented NX high-speed data platform and supports XML, XHTML and XBRL code to deliver the most sophisticated news file to enhance news release interactivity, customization and search engine optimization. Business Wire has 30 bureaus in cities including New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Miami, Paris, Frankfurt, London, Brussels, Tokyo and Sydney with reciprocal offices throughout the world. Business Wire was founded in 1961 by Chairman Lorry I. Lokey, veteran journalist and public relations executive. Cathy Baron Tamraz is president and CEO.