Please Reconsider Press Releases from the Campaign for Biologic Diversity (CBD)

To The Editor:

Lately there has been an effort to stop advertisers from placing ads on Rush Limbaugh’s radio show. The effort has been fairly successful, no matter one’s politics no one wants to advertise on such a polarizing show. Bad for business.

Similar to Rush is the Campaign for Biologic Diversity (CBD) whom you most recently published a press release from. They are a group of very extreme environmentalists which in itself wouldn’t be a bad thing. The problem is that they target the people and small businesses that come from and live in the western US, they have done great harm. The CBD is the only environmental group sued for lying, they lost and paid damages in the mid six figures upheld on appeal. I know they have a great web page and sound fantastic, They aren’t, they divert funding and resources from the USFWS to such an extent that we might well see a re write of the Environmental Species Act just in response to litigation they have instigated.

Please reconsider publishing press releases from them in the future.

Thank You for your consideration,

Robb Cadwell
Erie, Colorado