NEW VIDEO: 103 Year Old Iowan Ruline Steininger Talks About Voting for Hillary Clinton

IOWA–(ENEWSPF)–August 31, 2016. Hillary for Iowa released a new video today highlighting the historic nature of Hillary Clinton’s candidacy for president and what it means for women across the country.

The video features Ruline Steininger, a Pleasant Hill, Iowa, resident who was born on April 14, 1913, before women had the right to vote. The video lays recaps historic milestones for women over the past one hundred years.
In the video, Steininger talks about the progression of women’s rights during her lifetime:  “When I was in high school, a girl could be two things: you could be a school teacher or you could be a nurse…The sky is the limit now, you can be president.”
Last year, Steininger wrote in her Christmas card “I’ve come to the decision I must live to do my part in November 2016. I can die later.”
Earlier this year, she caucused for Hillary Clinton.