It’s Election Day 2016. Vote. Don’t Let Anyone Intimidate You or Other Voters (Video)

OREGON–(ENEWSPF)–November 8, 2016.  Warning: There is some cursing in the video posted below. But after this election season, it’s mild in  comparison to what we’ve heard!  Enjoy the video and don’t forget to vote today. Rosemary Piser eNews Park Forest

By Meteor Blades



Here we are. Election Day 2016. A few times in the past 17 months, it’s felt that we were never going to get here. But here we are on the morning of an historic election, a recording breaking, glass  ceiling-shattering election if we spend these last dozen hours making it so.

One record has already been broken. With millions of ballots still arriving by mail, it’s estimated that 46.27 million Americans have already voted. That’s a smidgen more than the early vote total in 2012, when 35 percent of the 126 million Americans who voted cast their ballots before election day, either in person or by mail. Based on the tally so far, the early vote is likely to be 40 percent this year.

But that still leaves 75 million or more Americans who will vote today. For some it will be a quick trip. Others will, as in the past, stand in line for hours.

The lucky ones live close enough to a polling site that they can walk or ride their bikes to vote. Others will drive. But for those without transportation, there’s a handy app to help out at Carpool2Vote. The rides to the polls and return home are free. Maybe you know a friend or neighbor who doesn’t own a smartphone and has no access to the app. Got a little free time? How about offering them a ride?

Unfortunately, some people—including public officials—are eager to stop certain citizens from voting, citizens who not coincidentally are less likely to vote for Republicans. The obstructors and intimidators will be out in force today.

If you run into such one or more of these vote suppressors at the polls, or other people inform you that they were stopped from voting or encountered trouble in doing so, help is available.

The Election Protection Coalition has 23 call centers has set up around the country, and volunteers on hand to provide legal advice and intervention as necessary. Nearly 1,200 of those volunteers are from the Daily Kos community.

  • The Election Protection Hotlines: 1-866-OUR-VOTE for English; 1-888-VE-Y-VOTA (en español); 1- 888-API-Vote (274-8683) (Asian languages); 1-844-418-4682 (Arabic)
  • The U.S. Department of Justice Voting Rights Hotline: 1-800-253-3931; TTY line 877-267-8971, or by email at
  • Local and state officials, including poll workers; your county clerk, elections commissioner, elections supervisor; or your state board of elections