New Radio Ad Highlights Report on Trump Illegally Violating Cuban Embargo for Personal Gain

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NEW YORK–(ENEWSPF)–October 3, 2016.  On the heels of a news report revealing that Donald Trump’s company reportedly violated the United States’ trade embargo against Cuba, Hillary for America released two powerful new radio ads in both Spanish and English titled “Two Trumps” and “Dos Caras.”

The ad shows Trump’s two faces—a Trump that disingenuously condemns the human rights abuses committed by the Castros, and a Trump that improperly explored business dealings with the very Communist regime he publicly decries. Driven by the belief that he’s above the law, the ad describes how Trump paid a consultant $68,000 to travel to Cuba and unlawfully explore business opportunities for Trump’s company. And, to cover up his corrupt dealings in Cuba, Trump was instructed how to disguised his schemes as a charitable effort.


Florida’s Cuban American community can see  through Trump’s two faces.While their parents and grandparents were fighting the Castro regime — both on and off the island — Trump was looking to line his pockets, and even worse, those of the Castro brothers. No cafe Cubano can cover that up.

“Two Trumps” and “Dos Caras” are running in Florida and build on the campaign’s advertising efforts to reach Latino voters through Spanish, English and bilingual communications.

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