Trump Suffering from 20-Point ‘Nuclear War Gap’ in Swing States, as Clinton Leads Head-to-Head

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Portland, Oregon—(ENEWSPF)—September 29, 2016.  Polling commissioned by VoteVets, performed by Public Policy Polling, is showing a lead for Hillary Clinton in the presidential race in Colorado, Pennsylvania. Virginia, Florida, and North Carolina, with clear majorities saying she won the debates. Perhaps most stunningly, voters in those states overwhelmingly agree that Donald Trump would be more likely to get us into a nuclear war.

Full results of the polling, including the head-to-head numbers, can be found here:

When voters were asked which of the two candidates would be more likely to get the United States into a nuclear war, the opinion could not be clearer. The ‘best’ Trump did was to be seen as more likely by ‘only’ a 18 point margin. The results:

More Likely To Cause a Nuclear War

Trump 51, Clinton 31

Trump 50, Clinton 32

North Carolina
Trump 51, Clinton 30

Trump 50, Clinton 29

Trump 53, Clinton 31

Additionally, voters in all of the states overwhelmingly rejected proposals to move veterans health care towards the private, for-profit system. That includes majorities of Republicans.

27% Support, 64% Oppose
23/70 (Democrats)
33/59 (Republicans)

27% Support, 61% Oppose
24/64 (Democrats)
36/55 (Republicans)

North Carolina
26% Support, 62% Oppose
19/71 (Democrats)
35/53 (Republicans)

27% Support, 62% Oppose
24/67 (Democrats)
31/56 (Republicans)

27% Support, 65% Oppose
22/69 (Democrats)
31/60 (Republicans)

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