40th Ward Challenger Daleiden Demands Incumbent Remove Illegal Election Signs at His Own Expense

CHICAGO—(ENEWSPF)—January 25, 2015. 40th Ward Aldermanic challenger Dianne Daleiden demands that her opponent, Pat O’Connor, remove illegally posted yard signs that appeared on public land overnight in clear violation of city laws.

“Section 10-8-325 of the Municipal Code is clear.  Everyone knows it and certainly after 32 years in office, my opponent must know it too.  Ward residents have reported dozens of violations which would total minimally a $5,000 fine should the City choose to enforce the law,” said Daleiden, who added, “What a waste of taxpayer money.  I call on my opponent to remove those illegal signs himself, at his own expense, and stop wasting city workers’ time and our money by having Streets and San remove them.”

“I’ve known Pat now for 30 years and I hope he can agree that from this point forward we can have a clean, fair campaign. To do otherwise is unseemly,” said Daleiden.

Dianne Daleiden is a 30-year 40th Ward resident running for Alderman of the 40th Ward against incumbent Patrick J. O’Connor.  She is currently a Chicago Public Schools math teacher.

Additional information about Dianne Daleiden can be found at: www.dianne4ward40.com, https://facebook.com/dianne4ward40, and https://twitter.com/diannedaleiden.

Source: www.dianne4ward40.com