40th Ward Challenger Demands Investigation of Edgewater Medical Center Development Deal

Timing, Self-Dealing Called into Question

CHICAGO—(ENEWSPF)—January 14, 2015. A new developer for the long-abandoned Edgewater Medical Center building was announced today with the long-disputed land now to be developed by a company with close ties to the wife of current 40th Ward Alderman Patrick J. O’Connor.

Dianne Daleiden, candidate for 40th Ward Alderman and long-time resident, called for an immediate review and full disclosure of all contract details and permits to ensure “that with a fast-approaching election, no self-dealing is occurring in the development of Edgewater Medical Center’s land.  The timing seems fishy,” said Daleiden, who added that, “Originally, the proposed contractor was publicized as MCZ Development Company.  That developer was working with residents on setting aside public use green space long demanded by immediate residents.  The full details need to be aired before this is a done deal on my watch.”  

The alderman’s wife, Barbara O’Connor, has a long history of selling homes for CA Development, often as exclusive broker.  Additionally, there has long been controversy in the community about what to do with the land where the abandoned Edgewater Medical Center building currently stands and if and how any of its TIF district monies will be used for this development. 

“With just over a month remaining before the election, the current Alderman seems to have found a sense of urgency about resolving the issue in favor of the developers who employ his wife,” said Daleiden.  “It’s been 13 years.  Why now?  This deal should be delayed until after the election on February 24, 2015.”

Source: www.dianne4ward40.com