Bruce Rauner Tells Editorial Board He Remains Adamantly Against Raising the Minimum Wage

Despite phony attempts to appeal to working families, Rauner remains committed to Wall Street

Chicago, IL –(ENEWSPF)—October 27, 2014. Billionaire gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner is opposed to raising the minimum wage “depending on what day you ask him about it,” wrote Gapers Block this morning.  Despite Rauner’s clear advocacy for lowering or outright eliminating the minimum wage, Rauner has falsely denied such a position and said he was misunderstood.

On Friday, after having months to reflect on his minimum wage position, Rauner made it clear that he remains strongly opposed to raising the minimum wage.  Below is an excerpt of Rauner’s interview with the State Journal Register Editorial Board:

SJR: “You’ve said you were ‘adamantly adamantly’ against raising the minimum wage.  You’ve said it here many times.”

Rauner: “Yes. Yes. Exactly because Illinois is not competitive.  One of the reasons we have a higher unemployment rate than the states around us is because we have a higher minimum wage than the states around us.”

“Rauner has once again shown his true colors.  If he gets his way, he’ll slash taxes for big corporations, defund education, and lower the state’s minimum wage,” said Neal Waltmire, Communications Director for Illinois Freedom PAC.  “Rauner’s Wall Street agenda has been tried before and it led to the greatest economic crisis since the Great Depression.  Make no mistake, Rauner’s heart is with Wall Street, not the hard-working families of Illinois.” 

Source: Illinois Freedom Pac