Community to Hold Candlelight Vigil to Halt Eviction of Senior Citizen from Family Home of Three Generations

CHICAGO—(ENEWSPF)—January 14, 2013.  Community members will hold a candlelight vigil Wednesday to call on Fannie Mae to halt the eviction of Mary Bonelli. The home has been in Bonelli’s family since 1921. She will announce that she plans to continue occupying it, even if the sheriff comes to evict her. 

WHERE: Home of Mary Ann Bonelli, 2334 N Mason Avenue, Chicago

WHEN: 7:00 p.m. Wednesday, January 16.

WHY: Bonelli’s name will be put on the sheriff’s eviction list Wednesday, despite the fact that her foreclosure resulted from a bank error. Bonelli, who is 76-years-old and disabled, is on a fixed income and says she could afford to pay a modified mortgage.

Neighbors and supporters will light candles and speak about the impact of the foreclosure crisis on the elderly.