Friends and Neighbors to Rally on Nov. 4 to Support Grandmother Facing Eviction from Failed Loan by Reverse Mortgage Solutions, Inc.

Foreclosure Vigil – Tuesday, November 4 at 4:15 p.m. at the Hammond Family Home, 7204 S. Union Chicago

Chicago, IL—(ENEWPSF)—November 4, 2014. A member of the Englewood community is in danger of being evicted from her home: Reverse Mortgage Solutions Inc. (RMS) did not provide the necessary information for Louise Hammond to live out her days at 7204 S. Union Ave. This put into action a slew of scenarios that created a domino like effect, precipitously crashing into eviction. Thus, community members will stand with Louise outside of the home she has lived in for 35 years. Please come join Louise and concerned members of the community in fighting fraudulent evictions!

Ms. Hammond has seen the neighborhood transform around her, from a vibrant community to one where violence and vacant buildings have eroded the community fabric. Louise’s home could now add to those Englewood homes unoccupied. The 84 year old south-side resident, who houses her daughter and grandson, has come to this juncture because RMS failed to properly notify Louise of her responsibilities.

Louise Hammonds took out a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage with Reverse Mortgage Solutions inc (RMS), in 2009. Two representatives of RMS came to Louise’s house, with a watermelon in hand, to discuss a reverse mortgage. When they came to finalize the agreement they said, “You’ll get a check every month. The bank will pay you to stay here in order to keep the building.”  Louise needed the money for living expenses, considering her monthly SSI was and is her only income. She enthusiastically accepted. However, RMS did not send monthly checks; one $1,000 check was sent.

The representatives failed to notify Louise that if she did not pay homeowner’s insurance and property taxes, then RMS would foreclose. This is precisely what happened considering RMS only sent one check. Because of this, Louise was forced to pay for all of the house maintenance. It was discovered later on that her property taxes were sold to WHEELER FINANCIAL before the foreclosure was initiated too; Louise could not have paid for her property taxes even if she wanted to. Thus, Louise hired lawyers from Consumer Law Group (CLG) when the foreclosure process started. In the two years CLG had Louise as a client, they charged $4,000. No resolution or bankruptcy was filed when Louise requested. Because Louise was disregarded by RMS and Consumer Law Group, had her taxes sold to WHEELER, and had to pay for house maintenance, this exacerbated her ability to fight for the home monetarily.

This is important to know because reverse mortgages are supposed to help the elderly live out their days comfortably. Instead, they are displacing a vulnerable population in Chicago, and across the nation, insidiously: the promise that end of life matters will be respectful and graceful in the home. Companies like RMS are monsters for what they do to our elders. In Louise’s case, they expected her not to fight. However, they were wrong. Because RMS withheld vital information, even after federal counseling laws are mandated, they will be challenged and held accountable.

For more information, contact the Chicago Anti-Eviction Campaign: 773-236-0559

Source: Chicago Anti-eviction Campaign