Immigrants Demand Meeting with Northwestern Memorial Hospital CEO, Mr. Dean M Harrison

Chicago IL—(ENEWSPF)—August 2, 2013. Undocumented patients and loved ones continue a hunger strike for Health Care. The group will demand that Northwestern Memorial Hospital CEO speak with them immediately and be held accountable for refusing treatment to undocumented patients in need of organ transplants.

Hunger strikers will hold a press conference and then demand to enter the building to deliver a letter and have a meeting with Northwestern Memorial Hospital CEO, Dean M Harrison.


A group of 14 people have been on hunger strike to protest discriminatory and inhumane health care policies that deny care to patients simply because they are undocumented and they cannot pay. The group is denouncing local hospitals for turning away patients in desperate need of organ transplants, noting that refusing care to critically ill people is a death sentence. “They are putting profits over our lives” stated Blanca Gomez, a patient in need of a kidney transplant who has taken the extreme measure of being on this hunger strike. “Northwestern Memorial has a great public image calling itself a national leader in quality and safety“ stated Father Jose Landaverde, who is also on hunger strike. “The reality is that they are responsible for the death of people who are undocumented and poor“ he added.

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