Park Forest Non-Partisan Committee To Meet Saturday

Non-Partisan Local Government of Park Forest
Non-Partisan Local Government of Park Forest. (SUPPLIED)

Park Forest, IL-(ENEWSPF)- Candidates who run for office in the Village of Park Forest do so in a non-partisan system. Candidates run as independents, regardless of their political affiliations beyond Village politics.

On Saturday, the Park Forest Non-Partisan Committee will meet at Village Hall beginning at 11:00 a.m. The purpose of this meeting is to “revitalize the NPC,” according to Acting Secretary Al Sturges.

Membership in the NPC is only $3.00 per year for individuals. Candidate forums are run under rules established by the Non-Partisan Committee

From the Park Forest Non-Partisan Committee:

For candidates, this means:

  • No party endorsement is needed to run
  • Candidates can reach many voters at no cost
  • Thus it’s easier to run for Village Office

For voters, this means:

  • Candidates focus on local issues
  • Candidates are free of pressure from special interest groups
  • Opportunities exist to ask questions of all candidates

Why should the voter care?

Consider this second bullet point under “For the candidates…,” “Candidates can reach many voters at no cost.”

The non-partisan system applies to all who run for office in the Village of Park Forest: Village Board and Library Board.

Candidates must run truly independent campaigns. As such, candidates may not slate, may not run together, may not raise funds together, and may not endorse each other.

Candidates may participate in forums sponsored by the Non-Partisan Committee, provided they follow rules established by the NPC. These rules will be decided Saturday.

Residents who have an interest in local politics are encouraged to attend.

All are welcome.