Robin Hoods Kayak the Chicago River (Video)

CHICAGO—(ENEWSPF)—October 10, 2011.  Organized as part of Take Back Chicago today a group of 40 activists dressed as Robin Hoods kayaked the Chicago River toward the Mortgage Bankers Association meeting to deliver a message: it’s time for the big banks to pay us back for the losses we have suffered through lost homes, lost revenue, and lost jobs.       

Additionally, the group dropped a banner on the Michigan Bridge that read: “Wall Street: Steals from the 99%. Gives to the Rich. Let’s take it back!"

The Robin Hood action was organized by National People’s Action, a member of Take Back Chicago.  National People’s Action is also a member of The New Bottom Line campaign, a nationwide coalition of 1,000 faith-based and community organizations that seeks to hold Wall Street accountable

Today’s actions are part of a broader set of week-long activities organized by Take Back Chicago, a coalition of 19 community groups and labor unions, including NPA, SOUL, LAC, and NSP

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