September 4-6: Occupy Obama

Three Days of Action in Solidarity with the DNC Protests

CHICAGO–(ENEWSPF)–September 4, 2012.  In solidarity with those protesting the Democratic National Convention, Occupy Chicago will launch three days of demonstrations centered at Barack Obama’s 2012 Campaign Headquarters. The actions will focus on Obama’s failures as a president, and show how both Obama and Romney fail to represent the interests of the 99%.
Tuesday, September 4th – Reject President 1%, End Obama’s Wars on the World’s 99%!
5:30 PM – March from Jackson and LaSalle to Obama’s headquarters, 130 E Randolph
March will be led by demonstrators carrying caskets and drones representing those killed in Obama’s escalation of drone warfare, as well as the death of Obama’s original campaign promises. 
Wednesday, September 5th – Protest Fanny & Freddy, Expose the Underwater Mortgage Crisis
5 PM – March from Fannie Mae, 1 S. Wacker, to Obama’s headquarters, 130 E Randolph
Occupy Chicago will march with Communities United Against Foreclosure and Eviction and the Chicago Anti-Eviction Campaign to expose the continuing eviction crisis and demand a large-scale mortgage principal writedown on all underwater mortgages.
Thursday, September 6th – #OccupyDemocracy
6 PM – Demonstration at Obama Campaign Headquarters, 130 E Randolph

Occupiers will demonstrate in front of Obama’s headquarters, using acts of symbolism to display dissatisfaction with the Democratic and Republican parties.


“Both of the presidential candidates have been bought and sold by the big banks and corporations that are destroying our democracy,” says Matthew McLoughlin, Occupy Chicago organizer. “Until we get money out of politics, no candidates will represent the interests of the 99%.”