Statement from IL Speaker Madigan on Education Funding Reform Bill

Illinois State Capitol building
Illinois State Capitol. Source: Flickr

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – Speaker Michael J. Madigan issued the following statement Friday:

“First and foremost, it is the sincere belief of House Democrats that Governor Rauner should sign the education funding reform bill currently on his desk. Should he continue to create chaos and attempt to pit one student against another by vetoing reform, we expect to move forward with an override.

“In the spirit of ongoing cooperation, Representatives Will Davis and Barbara Flynn Currie will continue to work with legislative Republicans, as they have been doing for some time now.

“At this juncture, doing what’s right and providing stability and certainty to all Illinois schools is more important than any arbitrary deadline put forward by a governor who continues seeking chaos over compromise. House Democrats are committed to passing school funding reform and we will continue working across the aisle to ensure our schools are able to open on time, despite the governor’s political games.”

Source: Office of House Speaker Madigan