Marian Catholic Notches First Place Win at Speech Tournament

Marian Catholic H.S. 2012 Illinois State Scholars
Members of the Marian Catholic Speech Team are, first row, Jasmine Weaver, Regina Hoyles, Cristin Milliner, Jaboukie Young-White, Summer Fields, Trevor Thompkins, Kyle Fitzgerald, Scott Mlcoch and Tammy Lang (asst. coach). In the second row Sean Goldrick (asst. coach), DeAira Cooper, Zakia Harris, Asher Miles, Courtneigh Summerrise, Pia Lyander, Cooper Packard, Sister Marion Sitkiewicz, O.P. (Spiritual Leader), Laura Hilger, Kyliah Thompson, Sayna Vaughn, Hannah Lang, Brittany Forrest, Shelly Fields (asst. coach) and Melissa Harmon (asst. coach). The third row is DeAngelo Davis, Aaron Kimbrough, Brittany Presley, Bianca Charles, Jenna Hoffmann, Emerson Pavur, Theresa Milazzo, Megan Ringo, Michelle Caperelli, and Zach Henry. In the fourth row Curt Lang (asst. coach), Ken Pilota, Desiree McCray, Michael Lauer, Thomas Dzurison (asst. coach), Dan Blewitt, Phelan Simpkins, Nicholas Moorman, Mark Donaway (coach), Jarrett Wright, Michael Irwin, and Miles Bradley. (PHOTO SUPPLIED)

Chicago Heights, IL-(ENEWSPF)- The Thornwood T-Shirt tourney held Saturday Jan 7 saw the Marian Catholic Speech Team capture a first place finish behind the efforts of several team veterans and a few newcomers.

“The team is poised to do some exciting things,” said Mark Donaway, now in his sixth year as coach of the Spartans. “We had a successful season last year up to and including the IHSA State Finals, and we are hoping to do as well or even better this year.”

The following students’ scores helped the final tally of the tournament.

Dramatic Duet Acting:  Summer Fields and Trevor Thompkins 4th place; Dramatic Interpretation:  Zach Henry 2nd place, and Laura Hilger 4th place; Extemporaneous Speaking:  Phelan Simpkins 3rd place; Humorous Duet Acting:  Zach Henry and Kyle Fitzgerald 6th place; Humorous Interpretation:  Courtneigh Summerrise 1st place, and Pia Lyander 3rd place; Impromptu Speaking:  Courtneigh Summerrise 2nd place, and Cristen Milliner 5th place; Informative Speaking:  Trevor Thompkins 2nd place, and Michael Irwin 3rd place; Oratorical Declamation:  Michael Irwin 5th place; Original Comedy:  Jaboukie Young-White 2nd place, and DeAira Cooper 3rd place; Original Oratory:  Cooper Packard 3rd place; Poetry Reading:  Cooper Packard 3rd place, and Hannah Lang 6th place; Prose Reading:  Kyle Fitzgerald 1st place, and Hannah Lang 4th place; Radio Speaking:  Summer Fields 3rd place; and Special Occasion Speaking:  Jaboukie Young-White 1st place.