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Reps. Titus & Robin Kelly Remember Las Vegas Victims and Call for Action to Stop Machine Guns

Bump Stocks
Stephen Paddock Had 12 Bump Fire Stock-Equipped Rifles in His Mandalay Bay Hotel Room (Source: The Truth About Guns)

Washington, DC –(ENEWSPF)—October 26, 2017

By: James Lewis, Communications Director

Yesterday, Congresswomen Dina Titus (NV-01) and Robin Kelly (IL-02) took to the House floor to challenge their colleagues to quickly approve life-saving legislation to ban “bump stocks,” an after-market modification that turns assault weapons into nearly fully-automatic weapons.

“Congressional Republicans and the NRA signaled support of action on bump stocks in the wake of the 1 October tragedy,” said Congresswoman Dina Titus. “But since then, their hopeful and sympathetic tone has morphed into radio silence. We cannot ignore the fact that if we don’t act soon, we risk jeopardizing more innocent lives.”

“Machine guns were outlawed for a reason and devices that turn a firearm into machine guns should be outlawed as well,” added Congresswoman Kelly.

In the days following the Las Vegas tragedy, legislation was introduced to prohibit the manufacturing, possession or transfer of “bump stocks.”

It seemed that bump stock legislation was likely to be the first common sense gun safety proposal to receive a vote since Republicans took control of the House in 2010. However, a recent change of heart from the NRA has ground the legislative process to a halt on such life-saving measures.

Following their speeches, Congresswoman Titus read the names of the 58 Las Vegas victims into the Congressional Record. These names add to the 150 already read into the Congressional Record by Congresswoman Kelly following her pledge to read one name into the Record for every dollar Speaker Paul Ryan took from the NRA during the 2016 election cycle.

  1. Hannah Ahlers
  2. Heather Alvarado
  3. Dorene Anderson
  4. Carrie Barnette
  5. Jack Beaton
  6. Steve Berger
  7. Candice Bowers
  8. Denise Burditus
  9. Sandy Casey
  10. Andrea Castilla
  11. Denise Cohen
  12. Austin Davis
  13. Thomas Day, Jr.
  14. Christiana Duarte
  15. Stacee Etcheber
  16. Brian Fraser
  17. Keri Galvan
  18. Dana Gardner
  19. Angela Gomez
  20. Rocio Guillen Rocha
  21. Charleston Hartfield
  22. Chris Hazencomb
  23. Jennifer Topaz Irvine
  24. Teresa Nicol Kimura
  25. Jessica Klymchuk
  26. Carly Kreibaum
  27. Rhonda LeRocque
  28. Victor Link
  29. Jordan McIldoon
  30. Kelsey Meadows
  31. Calla-Marie Medig
  32. James “Sonny” Melton
  33. Patricia Mestas
  34. Austin Meyer
  35. Adrian Murfitt
  36. Rachael Parker
  37. Jenny Parks
  38. Carrie Parsons
  39. Lisa Patterson
  40. John Phippen
  41. Melissa Ramirez
  42. Jordyn Rivera
  43. Quinton Robbins
  44. Cameron Robinson
  45. Tara Roe
  46. Lisa Romero-Muniz
  47. Chris Roybal
  48. Brett Schwanbeck
  49. Bailey Schweitzer
  50. Laura Shipp
  51. Erick Silva
  52. Susan Smith
  53. Brennan Stewart
  54. Derrick “Bo” Taylor
  55. Neysa Tonks
  56. Michelle Vo
  57. Kurt von Tillow
  58. Bill Wolfe


Source: www.robinkelly.house.gov

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