‘Alt-Right’ Responds To Clinton Speech With Troubling Rhetoric, Support For Donald Trump

NEW YORK–(ENEWSPF)–August 29, 2016.  Last week at a speech in Reno, NV, Hillary Clinton highlighted Donald Trump and his advisors’ embrace of a hate movement – the disturbing “alt-right” political philosophy. Trump’s embrace of this ideology, cemented by hiring the former head of a leading “alt-right” website Breitbart.com as his campaign CEO, dovetails with a troubling pattern of behavior from being sued by the U.S. Department of Justice for racial bias to beginning his presidential campaign calling Mexicans criminals, drug traffickers and rapists.

So it is no surprise that “alt-right” adherents reacted to the speech by attacking Clinton and proving once again their commitment to helping ensure a Trump presidency.

Here are just some of the responses from supporters of both Donald Trump and the “alt-right” movement.

David Duke former leader in the KKK, current candidate for Senate in Louisiana, ardent Trump supporter, and self-proclaimed “ideological leader” of the alt-right, reacted:

Duke lashed out after the speech: “Clinton speaking against the alt-right is like a pedophile condemning children. Clinton speaking against the alt-right is like a pedophile condemning children. It’s ridiculous. The fact that she’s condemning the alt-right is not going to the hurt the alt-right any more than a pedophile condemning children is going to hurt children. She is an absolute enemy of the American people, of the American constitution, of American freedom. She is a corrupt, disgusting individual who hates everything about the real America.” [@BuzzfeedAndrew, Twitter, 8/25/16]

He called Trump “essential” to the growth of the alt-right: “We’ve got to vote for Trump. We have no choice by that… Every movement in the history of the world has to have a growing stage. It has to have a develop stage. Donald Trump is essential for that.” [@BuzzfeedAndrew, Twitter, 8/25/16]

He defined the alt-right as the advocacy organization for White people: “The alt-right is a movement that represents the hopes and dreams and rights and aspirations of the white people of this country the same way that these black organizations and Mexican organizations represent the interests of Mexicans in this country. White people have to have an advocacy organization and that’s what is at the core of the alt-right. The alt-right is at core a movement for the preservation of the people whose forefathers created the united states of America, our constitution, and the nation that we revere and we love.” [@BuzzfeedAndrew, Andrew Kaczynski, 8/25/16]

And today, Duke issued a campaign robo-call where he called on voters to choose Trump and Duke to “save America”: “We’re losing our country. Look at the Super Bowl salute to the black panther cop killers. The time to stand up and vote for Donald Trump for President and vote for me, David Duke, for the US Senate… Together we’ll save America and save Louisiana. Paid for by the Duke Campaign.” [Buzzfeed, 8/29/16]

Contributors to American Renaissance, a white nationalist magazine, offered their retort:

Chris Roberts, Director of Special Projects, American Renaissance, slammed Clinton and promoted the “alt-right’s” opposition to diversity: “White advocates are active on Twitter not because they make a living at it, but because they believe in what they do… Hillary Clinton and her pals are afraid of us because we are reaching more and more white people. If whites really understood the racial implications of what she stands for, they wouldn’t vote for her as dog catcher.” [Chris Roberts, American Renaissance, 8/25/16]

  • Roberts: “‘Diversity’ destroys social cohesion. The more diverse and area, the less people are likely to volunteer, vote, donate to charity, trust their government, or trust their neighbors.” [Chris Roberts, American Renaissance, 8/25/16]

Jared Taylor, founder of American Renaissance, and Chris Roberts reiterated their support for Trump:

JARED RIZZI: “What would you want Trump’s policy to include or exclude?

JARED TAYLOR: “I want the policy to remain what he’s been saying so far. That is to say he would take measures to prevent any further illegal immigration, that he will send all illegal immigrants home, that he will stop birthright citizenship, and that he will take a very hard look at any Muslims that wish to come. That’s a good start.” [Jared Rizzi Interview with Jared Taylor, SiriusXM, 8/25/16]
  • Roberts: “…by promoting policies that put America first, [Trump] will slow our decline and perhaps even pave the way to an American Renaissance in which the truth about race is no longer a taboo, and we can begin to build a brighter future for our country and our people.” [Chris Roberts, American Renaissance, 8/25/16]
The Daily Stormer, the self-described #1 alt-right and pro-genocide website, responded:
The Daily Stormer quoted Clinton’s remarks and agreed that Trump’s rhetoric is unprecedented: “‘Everywhere I go, people tell me how concerned they are by the divisive rhetoric coming from my opponent in this election. It’s like nothing we’ve heard before from a nominee for President of the United States.’ Exactly! That’s why we love our future Emperor!” [Daily Stormer, 8/25/16]
Wherein Daily Stormer calls Clinton “a rapacious anti-White beast”: “But let us ponder which of these ‘values that make our country great’ truly are in the eyes of a rapacious anti-White beast like her. First, there’s the ‘social justice.’ A term straight out of Orwell’s Newspeak dictionary if ever I heard one. What it basically means is, when White people have built a successful society, then Marxists and Jews spend decades creating political, ideological, and sexual misfits, while simultaneously stoking the smoldering resentment that the lesser races feel due to their realization, albeit subconscious, that they are wholly unable to mimic the wonders of civilization that the White man has created and from which, in his beneficence, he has allowed them to enjoy. By doing so, they purposely seek to deconstruct and undermine everything that made these societies great. Globalists like Clinton are the tip of the spear in this murdering of all we hold dear.” [Daily Stormer, 8/25/16]
Plus, supporters of the “alt-right” doubled down on the absurd and roundly debunked conspiracy theories that have pervaded the Trump campaign:
InfoWars’ Paul Joseph Watson Backed Up Trump’s False Claims That Muslims Celebrated 9/11 In The Streets. “Hillary also savaged Trump for becoming embroiled in 9/11 conspiracy theories for saying that Muslims celebrated on 9/11. As we have documented, reports from the day itself clearly suggest that yes Muslims in New Jersey did indeed celebrate the 9/11 attacks.” [Paul Joseph Watson, InfoWars, 8/25/16]
Breitbart’s Joel Pollak Also Agreed With Trump’s False Claim That Muslims Were Cheering In The Streets After 9/11. “10. Trump said thousands of American Muslims in New Jersey cheered the 9/11 attacks. They didn’t. ‘Thousands’ did not, but a handful did. Breitbart News did much of the legwork uncovering the truth behind what actually happened in New Jersey, and it was clear that a minority of American Muslims celebrated the attack.” [Breitbart, 8/25/16]
InfoWars’ Paul Joseph Watson Said Clinton Mentioned Her Health In The Speech Because The False Video Infowars Put Out “Re-Ignited The Controversy.” “Clinton was also forced to address concerns about her health during the bizarre speech, another nod to the fact that her campaign is rocked about an issue that has gone viral since our video re-ignited the controversy earlier this month.” [Paul Joseph Watson, InfoWars, 8/25/16]
In case you missed it, read Hillary for America’s report on Donald Trump’s embrace of a disturbing, extreme set of views echoed by white nationalists and conspiracy theorists who refer to themselves as “Alt-Right.”

Source: http://hillaryclinton.com