Democratic Party Of Colorado Endorses ‘Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol’ Initiative

Democratic Party Of Colorado Endorses Amendment 64

OREGON–(ENEWSPF)–April 16, 2012.  It’s not everyday that a major political party endorses a marijuana reform initiative, so I’m very excited to pass along some information that I was sent by the Colorado Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol campaign. It’s going to be an enormous year for marijuana activists, with Washington and Colorado already on the ballot, and states like Oregon and Montana working very hard to join them. See the e-mail from Mason Tvert below:

I have some exciting news to report:

This past weekend, the Democratic Party of Colorado included in its official party platform an endorsement of Amendment 64, our initiative to regulate marijuana like alcohol! Better yet, due to a strong showing of support among delegates, this endorsement became part of the Democratic Party’s more exclusive “essential” platform.

This endorsement was in large part the result of our campaign’s tremendous grassroots effort that resulted in hundreds of precincts and more than a dozen of Colorado’s largest counties adopting resolutions in support the initiative.

Winning the endorsement of one of the two major political parties here in Colorado is a testament to the momentum of our movement. The issue of regulating marijuana like alcohol, once considered taboo, is now firmly planted in the mainstream. And on November 6, we have the opportunity to become the first place in the world to do it.

But as we told you last week, we’re going to need 1.2 million votes to secure victory on Election Day. Every vote will count. So please take a moment right now to forward this email to every Coloradan you know who might find this interesting, and ask them to sign onto our pledge to vote YES on Amendment 64.