Firefighters, Nurses and Working Families Ask State Senators to Avoid Divisive Politics

Almost 12,000 Petition Signatures Urge the Legislature to Steer Clear of Right to Work 

Lansing, MI–(ENEWSPF)–November 29, 2012.  Firefighters and nurses visited a dozen state senate offices at the capitol yesterday, delivering thousands of petition signatures opposing a Right to Work law and other bills intended to weaken collective bargaining rights.
“Our lawmakers should focus on creating jobs and improving education,” said Sterling Heights firefighter Bob Haase. “We are here today to encourage politicians to focus on policies that keep everyone safe on the job.”
“Bringing up issues that divide people and attacking working families won’t do anything to improve our state,” said Ashley Forsberg, a registered nurse.  “Michigan residents support collective bargaining, which helps nurses like me advocate for our patients and provide safe care. We’re asking legislators to work with us and work together on moving Michigan forward.”
As we approach the holiday season, Michigan workers don’t need a pay cut.  Rather than creating jobs, Right to Work laws are likely to damage Michigan’s economy, especially the middle class.  In states that have Right to Work laws union and non-union workers make an average of $1,500 less per year and go without health insurance more frequently. (Economic Policy Institute, Briefing Paper #326, 9/15/11)
During each office visit, firefighters and nurses delivered the names of petition signers specific to that district.  Since Monday of last week, 11,857 people have signed online petitions, pledging to pay attention to legislators during the holidays and “hold them accountable if they put corporate special interests above the needs of working families.”
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