Pennsylvania Voter ID Law Returned to Lower Court

NEW  YORK–(ENEWSPF)–September 18, 2012.  The Pennsylvania Supreme Court sent the state’s voter ID law back to the lower court, which will consider whether the law can be implemented before the election without preventing eligible citizens from voting.

The Brennan Center for Justice released the following statement from Democracy Program Director Wendy Weiser:

“This decision is a clear victory for Pennsylvania voters. The Supreme Court was right to express skepticism that this sweeping new voter ID law can be implemented so close to an election. Many eligible voters will have to struggle to get an ID in time. It is wrong for politicians to try to manipulate the system for their own benefit by rushing through new voting requirements at the last minute. As the leading democracy of the world, our voting system should be free, fair, and accessible to all Americans. We are optimistic this restrictive voter ID law will not be in effect for the 2012 election.”