Stephen Colbert on His Experiences Interviewing Donald Trump—’He’s a Coward’ (Video)

NEW YORK–(ENEWSPF)–October 6, 2016

By Walter Einenkel


Stephen Colbert was interviewed on Bill Carter’s SiriusXM show. Carter asked him about Donald Trump, and specifically about the one time he interviewed Trump on his much missed Colbert Report. Colbert recounted how the interview with Trump saw a more sedate Trump, unwilling to be himself, and therefore, rather boring.

I don’t regret the attempt, I regret that that’s probably the only bite I’m going to get at the apple.

When Carter asks him if he would have Trump on again, Colbert is clear that it isn’t up to him.

I would have him on tomorrow, but he’s a coward.

Colbert seizes on a chance to get ol’ orange cheeks angry enough to come on his show and goes further.

Colbert: I would ask him but it is clear, that Donald Trump is a coward. Because he won’t come back on the show.

Carter: You’re making that public, you know?

Colbert: Oh. He’s a chicken. To put it into his own terms—let me translate it into his own language—boc boc bockaaa. [Chicken noise].

Colbert has a real deep laugh at that. Enjoy!