Voters Escalating Pressure against Fast Track in Congressional Districts

Union members and allies held 84 in-district events last week during House Recess

Washington, DC–(ENEWSPF)–May 15, 2015.  As the Senate prepares to consider fast track legislation, union members, environmentalists, small business owners, consumer advocates and progressive allies are escalating the grassroots campaign in opposition to fast track. Last week, voters opposed to fast track held dozens of rallies, protests and events across the country while Members of Congress were back in their districts and more events are on the horizon.

“Every day, more Members of Congress are hearing from their constituents that the American public is tired of corporate-driven trade deals. They need to understand we need a new model for trade that’s befitting of the 21stcentury. Working families don’t want another deal that would rig the rules even more in favor of corporations by allowing them to lower wages and move jobs overseas,” said AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka.  

Since March, union members and our allies have organized more than 550 events, including 84 in the past week, against fast track and thousands of workers have traveled to D.C. to rally and lobby Congress. Unions have also made 1.5 million phone calls to union members warning against fast track, generated 114,700phone calls and nearly 12,000 handwritten letters to Members of Congress and gathered more than 40,000 petition signatures. Digital advertisements targeting 16 Senators and 36 Members of Congress have made more than 20.5 million impressions, 570,000 of which came from pre-roll ads voters watched during the House Recess.