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Rebuttal to the First – But Surely Not the Last – Misleading Distortion of the Kerry-Boxer Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act

Washington, D.C.–(ENEWSPF)–September 30, 2009.

Statement of Senator John Kerry

“The ink wasn’t even dry on the The Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act before the same tired attacks and bold face distortions were launched by those committed to inaction. We predicted long ago that those on the other side would adopt the misleading jargon of oil companies, lobbyists, and special interests, which maximize their profits at the expense of progress. Let’s be clear: The Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act will put America back in control of our energy future. It invests in coal, natural gas, nuclear, and renewable energy companies that make America great, while vigorously protecting the American consumer. It can finally put us on a path to energy independence, in spite of the misleading campaign that would keep us hostage to foreign and unreliable governments.”

Why the Defenders of the status quo are wrong:

– There is no tax increase anywhere in the bill. Plain and simple.

– This is the same approach that President George H.W. Bush and bipartisan senate leadership supported and signed into law in the 1990s to dramatically reduce acid rain.

– “Cap-and-trade” system covers only 7,500 facilities! That’s significantly less than 2% of American businesses. And it only covers the major polluters that create more than 25 thousand tons of carbon pollution per year. That’s more than 4,600 cars and more than a stadium puts out in a year.

– Major consumer protection built in: increases in energy prices for consumers are offset directly on their monthly bills.

– Major industry protection built in: vulnerable industries are supported with free allowances and robust border measures.

– Cost estimates are flat-out wrong. Economic models of the bill do not take into the account the enormously destructive effects of doing nothing. This legislation will be a clear win—for our future energy, economic, and national security.

What the Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act does for America:

– It creates jobs—almost 2 million by 2020 according to the latest studies. Every dollar spent on clean energy creates nearly four times as many jobs as a dollar invested in oil and gas. These are good-paying, regionally diverse jobs for American workers of all educational backgrounds—and best of all, they can’t be shipped overseas

– It invests in energy solutions made in America, that work for America and shifts capital to the most efficient and cleanest energy companies. That means the best American coal, natural gas, nuclear, and renewable companies are rewarded, which strengthens our economy, increases our global competitiveness, and protects our environment

– It puts America in charge to lead the world into a clean energy and energy independent future. Americans invented the technologies behind wind and solar energy, but countries like China and Germany have surged ahead of us. This bill will make us the world leaders once again.

– It reduces the carbon pollution threatens our health and our national security by setting ambitious targets for a small number facilitiaes that represent nearly three quarters of our national carbon pollution


Source: kerry.senate.gov

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