Mitt Walker: Failed Walker Ideas + National Romney Platform

Milwaukee, WI–(ENEWSPF)–March 29, 2012.  Dian Palmer, a nurse for more than 25 years and now President of Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Healthcare Wisconsin and Chair of the National Nurse Alliance released the following statement on Mitt Romney’s support of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s anti-worker and job-killing agenda during a tele-town hall:

“It is not surprising that Mitt Romney, the presidential candidate for the 1 percent, praised Gov. Scott Walker’s attack on our rights and freedoms, but calling him an excellent governor shows how out of touch with the real economy he is.

“Multiple news reports and investigations have documented how ‘Wisconsin has lost more jobs since Walker took office than any other state,’ even as President Obama’s leadership has delivered two full years of national job growth.

“While America added more than 1.65 million jobs in 2011 alone, Wisconsin’s economy has slipped into reverse, losing more than 12,500 jobs thanks to Gov. Walker’s naked attacks on nurses, teachers, firefighters and police officers.

“Romney’s love of gutting pensions and secure retirements, like his love for firing people, isn’t surprising given his past as a corporate raider at Bain Capital, but suggesting that he looks to Walker as a role model sends a chilling message to America’s fragile economic recovery.

“That is why we must recall Governor Walker, reelect President Obama and win with a mandate for policies that benefit the 99 percent.”

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