Sierra Club: Flint Contrast is Clear: Clinton, Sanders Adopt Solutions While Republican Candidates Ignore the Problem & Defend GOP Politicians

Flint, MI –(ENEWSPF)–March 6, 2016.   At tonight’s Democratic Debate in Flint, Michigan, the two candidates began a candid conversation about how to address systematic environmental injustice in America, including proposing solutions for the Flint water crisis that echo those laid out by a coalition including the Sierra Club, the NAACP, and the SEIU earlier today. It was a stark contrast to Thursday’s Republican GOP debate where just one candidate — Marco Rubio — briefly discussed Flint and quickly pivoted to defending GOP Governor Rick Snyder. At the same debate, Senator Ted Cruz and Donald Trump both proposed gutting the Environmental Protection Agency.

In Response, Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune Released the Following Statement:

“The contrast between Thursday night’s circus and tonight’s substantive discussion is staggering. While the Democratic candidates proposed serious responses and actual solutions to the Flint water crisis and the climate crisis, the GOP candidates did everything they could to almost entirely ignore both. That is a critical difference moving forward, as the need for justice in Flint and for action to prevent potential Flints around the country will not disappear when the cameras do.”