To The Editor: A Note Of “Thanks” for Interviewing Golden Apple Award Winner Debra Thomas

To The Editor:

Just a note to say “thanks” for the excellent interview on eNewsPF with Debra Thomas regarding the Golden Apple Award.

As I mentioned at Monday night’s Village Board meeting, this is a great honor for her as an educator, but also for Rich East High School and the Village of Park Forest. I was so pleased to read her good words about REHS Principal Mark Kramer and his leadership team. They create the environment in which an educator can do the good work that achieves recognition such as the Golden Apple.

Also as I mentioned Monday night, I know personally from my 15 years with the Chicago Teachers Union what an outstanding recognition it is for an educator of our region to receive a Golden Apple Award. It truly is worthy of the excellent coverage you and some other media outlets have given to it.


John Ostenburg
Park Forest, IL