DeLuca’s Bill Aims To Help Local Governments Keep More Sales Tax

School District 163 average property tax bill, education funding reform
A breakdown of the average property tax bill for Park Forest residents of School District 163 shows that 55% of taxes collected go to school districts. (Park Forest 2017-2018 Budget)

Springfield, IL-(ENEWSPF)- State Rep. Anthony DeLuca introduced a bill that allows local governments to keep more of their sales tax dollars.

If it passes. The bill is currently in its early stages.

“Every dollar local governments bring in helps them provide services for their residents, including police and fire services, road cleaning, and other community necessities,” DeLuca said. “Due to the state’s poor finances, local governments may be forced to put an additional burden on area taxpayers. I am fighting to ensure that local officials can continue to help our communities without raising taxes or cutting access to vital services.”

DeLuca said in a statement he is “leading the charge in protecting taxpayer dollars” with House Bill 4101. Currently, the state is able to collect a 2 percent fee on local governments’ sales taxes, and DeLuca’s legislation would reduce this to a 1 percent fee, the statement said.

He says he is “concerned that the current 2 percent fee will force local governments to raise new revenue in other ways, putting an additional burden on hard-working families.”

The legislation will allow local governments to keep more of their earned sales tax, protect local officials from having to find new ways to raise revenue, and ultimately protect Illinois taxpayers, he said in the statement.

“As a former mayor, I understand how difficult it can be for local governments to provide services without raising taxes,” DeLuca said. “No working family should be forced to carry the burden for the state’s financial mismanagement, and I will continue to be a strong voice for protecting hard-earned, taxpayer dollars.”

DeLuca is listed as the sole House sponsor. HB 4101 was referred to the Rules Committee on October 12.