Mowing Alert: Don’t!

MAINE–(ENEWSPF)–July 2, 2012.  With more than half the United States in a drought and much of the continent in warmer-than-normal conditions, the best advice for your lawn right now might be this: Ignore it.

That’s right. Ignore it. Don’t mow. Don’t water and don’t fret. Sure, if you don’t water the lawn it may turn brown, but that doesn’t mean it’s dying, it just means it’s going dormant. Turning brown is a lawn’s natural protection system. It will turn green again when the rain returns.

For those of you with irrigation systems that you feel compelled to use, review this post on proper watering:

And for goodness sakes don’t mow unless you’ve had plenty of rain and there’s more rain in the forecast. Mowing a lawn automatically stresses it out; mowing during heat, or when heat is on the way, only makes matters worse. Here are the mowing tips to review: If you feel you must mow no matter what, be sure to obey the rule about proper height of the blade — meaning you should mow the lawn as high as possible.