Nissan Brings ‘No Charge to Charge’ Program to Chicago

CHICAGO–(ENEWSPF)–November 14, 2014.  Chicagoans can now add free public charging to the long list of benefits of buying an all-electric Nissan LEAF. Nissan today launched its “No Charge to Charge” promotion that provides two years of no-cost public charging with the purchase or lease of a new LEAF from Nissan dealers in the Chicago market. This includes complimentary access to fast chargers that can charge a LEAF battery pack from zero to 80 percent in about 30 minutes.
Nissan Leaf Charging at Tollway Oasis Fast Charger“Nissan LEAF is an attractive option for Chicago car buyers for a number of reasons, such as the available Illinois Alternative Fuels Rebate of up to $4,000* and significantly lower operating costs than a gas-powered car,” said Brendan Jones, director, Nissan Electric Vehicle Sales and Infrastructure Strategy. “Adding free public fast charging in Chicagoland gives Nissan LEAF an even greater competitive edge over other vehicles, regardless of their fuel source.”

With “No Charge to Charge,” new LEAF buyers can enjoy added range confidence with free access to fast chargers** spread throughout Chicagoland at retail stores, tollway oases and other convenient locations for drivers. As part of the promotion, LEAF drivers will also enjoy free one-hour charging sessions at more than 140 level 2 (240 volt) charging stations**.

Nissan now offers “No Charge to Charge” in 12 of the top markets for Nissan LEAF sales, including San Francisco, Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Diego, Seattle, Portland, Oregon, Nashville, Phoenix, Dallas-Ft. Worth, Houston and Washington, D.C. In the next year, Nissan plans to offer the “No Charge to Charge” program at LEAF dealers in at least 13 additional U.S. markets.

“No Charge to Charge” will launch at Nissan LEAF dealers in the Chicago market on Nov. 14. LEAF owners who purchased or leased their vehicle on or after Nov. 1, in the Chicago market will receive entry into the “No Charge to Charge” program retroactively.

For more information on the “No Charge to Charge” promotion, visit

*Buyers of a new Nissan LEAF are eligible for a rebate of $0 to $4,000 from the Illinois Alternative Fuels Rebate Program. Lessees are not eligible. For more information on terms of the rebate program, visit:

**Consumers can find chargers eligible for “No Charge to Charge” at, or via the PlugShare app for iOS or Android.

Source: Chicago Area Clean Cities