The Gloves Come Off: Espoma Launches Full Swing into Lawn Care

MAINE–(ENEWSPF)–August 28, 2012. 

Wow. You have to watch this.

It is, in its 80 seconds, the most provocative, bold and some would dare say ballsy video ever created in the history of the lawn care industry.

And perhaps most stunning of all is the video’s creators, the Espoma Company of Millville, N.J., once known as probably the most conservative company in the horticulture industry.

Here. Watch it:

Without giving away the spot’s punch lines, with punch being the operative word, Espoma is telling the world that it’s tired of being bullied by a certain company from Marysville, Ohio. Espoma is telling all of us that we should be sick and tired of behaving as lemmings, a bunch of drones assailed by an onslaught of advertising dollars.

The video, reportedly, was the talk of Chicago at the recent Independent Garden Center Show held last week where the organic movement took center stage.

“We were just having a little fun,” said John Harrison, Espoma’s long-time marketing director — who couldn’t have conceived a more provocative way to re-launch his company into the lawn care retail space. Espoma’s move looks typically austere on its web site: — until you click on the video.

“We think we’ve re-invented the category for homeowners and garden centers,” said Harrison. “Our new program eliminates a lot of the nitrogen that has proven to be both unnecessary and also detrimental to the environment. It’s also cost competitive for the homeowner as compared to our competitors’ four-step plans.

“We think it’s going to be a winner for everyone.”

In other words, he’s saying, let’s throw off the gloves and bring it on.