Millions Will Lose Health Coverage Under Leaked Affordable Care Act Repeal Basement Bill, Says Center for American Progress’ Topher Spiro

The Capitol is seen at sunup, February 17, 2017. (AP/J. Scott Applewhite)

Washington, D.C. — (ENEWSPF)–March 3, 2017. Center for American Progress Vice President for Health Policy Topher Spiro issued the following statement on the leaked ACA repeal bill text:

The leaked basement bill is pretty much the same as the previous leaked bill. With deep cuts to Medicaid and much lower tax credits, the leaked basement bill would still cause millions of people to lose their coverage. It would also shift costs to consumers, increasing their costs by an average of $1,380 per year. The impact would be particularly severe for older people ages 55 to 64, whose costs would increase by $5,118 per year. While hitting older, sicker, and lower-income people with increased costs, the bill would also increase taxes on the middle class—all while cutting taxes for the wealthy.

Congressional Republicans are playing within the same ballpark, so the horrific Congressional Budget Office score will be the same. Their approach is inherently flawed, and they can’t repeal math.

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