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To Pat Herrity, GOP Candidate for Congress in Virginia’s 11th District, on Health Care Reform

Gary Kopycinski

By Gary Kopycinski
Editor and Publisher

An open note to Pat Herrity, GOP candidate for Congress in the 11th District of Virginia, who "friended" me on Facebook:


For some reason, you friended me on Facebook, and have offered me repeated invitations to "fan" your Pat Herrity for Congress page on Facebook. I have ignored your invitations because "fanning" a page would imply support for your candidacy. You are persistent, though, and I give you credit for that. The reason you are so persistent, however, eludes me, as I am an Illinois Democrat. The pictures I have on my profile with President Obama should make that clear (okay, he was State Senator Obama in two of them, and then U.S. Senator Obama in a third).

Pat, you made it clear on your personal Facebook page that you do not support health insurance reform. I think that’s too bad. We need health insurance reform NOW. Stop selling out to the for-profit insurance companies, Pat. My parents go through hell just to get simple coverage, spend thousands of dollars on medication each year. That was supposed to be taken care of with insurance, but the money is going to the execs. They are told which doctors they may see, and which doctors they may not see. And don’t talk to me about the myth that any reform will mean we will have to wait a long time for treatment like Canadians do. Canadians with whom I correspond are happy with their system and tell me they don’t have to wait for treatment. My parents do have to wait, right here in the good old U.S.A.

Look, Pat, this is not about some perceived attack on capitalism. Start a company and make all the bowling balls you want. Make the best bowling balls in the world. Sell them at a huge profit. Make lots of money if people decide to buy. But STOP for-profit health insurance.

Do something for humanity, Pat. Do something for AMERICA: stop the insurance companies from getting rich by denying health coverage to AMERICANS.

How much money from the health insurance industry have you accepted for your campaign?

Pat is trying to stop health care reform, and he’s wrong.


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