Kevin Costner Leads Yankees and White Sox onto the Field of Dreams (Video)

Kevin Costner at the Field of Dreams
Kevin Costner at the Field of Dreams (FOX Sports / YouTube:

HEAVEN-(ENEWSPF)- Kevin Costner leads the New York Yankees and the first-place Chicago White Sox from the cornfield to the Field of Dreams diamond ahead of their historic matchup in Iowa. The game aired on FOX on August 12, 2021.

The Chicago White Sox won the game on Tim Anderson’s walk-off home run 9-8. He did that with one out in the ninth.

The intro was incredible, with Mr. Costner emerging from the cornfield followed by the Yankees and White Sox. The Sox were in their “throwback navy blue pinstripes and a large, bold ‘SOX’ monogram worn on the left chest,” as MLB described it. During the game, the Sox wore “a matching white cap with navy blue pinstripes,” as MLB described.

The White Sox Uniform was from 1919, a year following another pandemic.

Why 1919?

“Field of Dreams” doesn’t take place in 1919, but the year plays a significant role in the movie. That’s the year of the Black Sox Scandal, in which eight members of the 1919 White Sox were kicked out of the game and banned for life after being accused of throwing games in the 1919 World Series. All the players were acquitted in a 1921 trial, but commissioner Kennesaw Mountain Landis never lifted his ban. 

In the movie, Ray Kinsella (played by Kevin Costner) reveals that he and his father had a relationship-altering fight over Shoeless Joe Jackson, who was (and remains) the most famous player to be involved in the scandal. Shoeless Joe was Ray’s dad’s favorite player, and Ray mocks him for having a hero who played a central role in the greatest scandal baseball had ever seen. When baseball players start appearing in Ray’s cornfield baseball diamond, it’s the banned players from the 1919 White Sox — including Shoeless Joe — who show up to play. 

Field of Dreams Game: Grading the White Sox and Yankees throwback uniforms

Here’s the intro with Kevin Costner:

Here are some highlights of the legendary game:

Here’s the full historic ninth inning: