Managing Park Forest Week of December 14, 2009

State Rep. Al Riley

State Rep. and Rich Township Supervisor Al Riley addresses the Village Board last Monday, responding to a story on ABC 7 Chicago. See story here. (Photo: Gary Kopycinski)

Park Forest, IL—(ENEWSPF) —December 14, 2009.

Village Management

Village Board Meeting

The next meeting of the Village Board is scheduled for Monday, December 14 at 8 p.m. at Village Hall. Residents are encouraged to attend.

To view previously held Board Meetings, visit the Village’s web site at: and click on the date of the meeting you wish to watch.

Park Forest Community Development


This week, 167 inspections were performed. These included new construction, re-occupancy, inspector initiated and referral/complaint.

In the month of November, a total of 43 building permits were issued for a total new construction cost valuation of $178,962 with $2,745 collected in fees.

In Federal Civil Court action on property maintenance code enforcement matters, several actions have taken place in the Thorncreek/Atlantic Associates cases.

Meanwhile, 29 property maintenance code enforcement cases were heard through the Adjudication Hearing Court process. The results were 13 cases receiving $6,400 in fines, 9 cases dismissed due to compliance. and 8 cases continued until the next hearing date.

Park Forest Economic Development

New Resident Reception

The next New Resident Reception will be at the Illinois Theatre Center on Saturday, January 9 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. The reception will include a comedy show which will include BET Jay Deep along-side other local comedians. The children will be able to attend a class of crafting provided by Etel Billig. The reception is open to all Park Forest civic organizations who would like to exhibit. Call Evelyn Sterling at 708-283-5621 or e-mail [email protected] to reserve a table.

Park Forest Fire Department


The Park Forest Fire Department responded to 59 calls for emergency assistance this past week including, one quadruple call, 5 double and 1 triple call. Mutual aid assistance was provided once to Steger Estates and received once from Matteson. Automatic aid assistance was provided once to the University Park Fire Department.

Safety Tip

Winter brings with it dangerously cold temperatures that can cause health and safety problems. If you have older relatives, neighbors or friends, check on them often to make sure they are okay. The following tips, along with a little common sense, should come in handy as long as winter is around.

  • Wear layers of warm, dry clothing; wet clothing negates the insulating effect.
  • Cover exposed skin surfaces as protection from frostbite, especially your ears. nose, chin and forehead which are most susceptible to frostbite.
  • Drink non-alcoholic beverages such as tea, coffee, hot chocolate and soup to help keep warm. Maintain good nutrition and get plenty of rest to stay health.
  • Prescription drugs may increase vulnerability to cold; check with your doctor or pharmacist.

Park Forest Police Department

Police Training

Chief Thomas Fleming participated in a Train the Trainer seminar to review the Cook County Sexual Assault Protocol for the 6th District. The seminar was aimed at legal issues for videotaping minors who are sexual assault victims and also the legal issues in taping Victim-Sensitive Interviews.

Park Forest Public Works

New Street Lights

The new street lights installed by Elmund and Nelson along Indianwood from Blackhawk to Monee Road are now working. Landscape restoration, testing and a final walk-through still need to be completed.

Field Operations

A B-box was replaced at 128 Larue St. Watermain breaks were repaired at 314 Sheridan Street and across from 232 Somonauk Street. Sanitary sewers were cleaned and street lights relamped/repaired Village-wide. Street light shorts were repaired Village-wide. Cold patching potholes continues. Streets were salted on December 7 and 8 in response to snow events. The installation of the salt grates for the International dump trucks was completed. A hydrant was reinstalled at 237 Sauk Trail after being hit by a car.

Recreation and Parks


John Joyce, Rob Gunther and Chuck Sabey met last week with a committee of train enthusiasts to begin development of ideas for the CN Railfan Park near the Village’s Matteson commuter parking lot. The group has also reached out to the President of Holden Park Home Owners Association in the Village of Matteson that is also adjacent to the project site. On December 16, the regular meeting of the Old Plank Road Trail Management Commission will meet in Park Forest and hear ideas about the connection of the Railfan Park to the existing trail. The new park feature at the train station is expected to become an important destination on the Old Plank Road Trail.

John Joyce and Rob Gunther are also busy developing details for a possible EPA Environmental Education Grant Application which is due December 15. Ideas include educational programs, displays and school partnerships. Discussions have already taken place with the consultant that helped develop the interpretive signs at Central Park Wetlands.


Staff reviewed the final ‘blueline’ copy of the Winter 2010 program brochure last week and it has been returned to the printer. Delivery is expected to residents the end of December or early January.

Aqua Center

The team of Construction Manager WB Olson and the various subcontractors continue to do very well with the bathhouse project. Al City Plumbing has worked long days and last Saturday to get ahead of the masonry contractor putting up walls. Great progress has been made in the west end of the building and work is underway on plumbing and walls in the east end. Service windows have been installed in the concession area and the glass door to the classroom is in. Six large windows are scheduled to be delivered just before Christmas. Painters have begun to prime the block walls and ceiling and will also be painting doors and frames before they are hung. The electrical contractor continues to run conduit and has begun installation of some light fixtures as well. The skylights were recently delivered and the roofing contractor is awaiting better weather to open the roof and install them. Vinyl tile is scheduled to be installed beginning next week. The new look-ahead date for substantial completion of the project is mid-January. A number of items will remain that are being completed by the Parks Department Staff.

Those on Facebook ( can search for the “Park Forest Aqua Center” page in the upper right corner and follow a photographic record of the project.

Sources:Village of Park Forest Weekly Manager’s Report and Village of Park Forest website.