Occupy Chicago and Allies to Engage Air and Water Show Attendees

CHICAGO—(ENEWSPF)—August 17, 2012.  Occupy Chicago and fellow anti-war organizations will demonstrate at Chicago’s Air & Water Show this Saturday, August 18 from 12pm to 4pm on the East side of the North Ave. bridge, to reveal the true nature of the spectacle: a promotional tool for the U.S. military. This act of protest will utilize roving political theater, interactive public art, military counter-recruitment strategy and anti-drone education. Participating groups will include Occupy Chicago, Chicago FOR (Fellowship of Reconciliation), Chicago World Can’t Wait, No Drones Illinois, Pakistan Federation of America Chicago (USA), Protest Chaplains Chicago and Wellington Avenue United Church of Christ, all of whom will gather and begin demonstrations at the west end of the North Ave Bridge. Political theatre will be occurring throughout the day along Chicago’s lakefront.

“It is the position of Occupy Chicago and our allies that the Chicago Air & Water Show is a symbol of exactly the kind of manipulation and acquiescence of the people that the Occupy movement was brought about to change,” said Danielle Villarreal, an event organizer. “If we expect to change the oppressions of war, we must first open our eyes to its very real consequences.”

Activists will be displaying the horrors of these war machines and educating the public about the newest of these tools of war: drones.  In the past four years we have seen an expansion of the use of war technology without public debate, as seen within the three international wars which the US has spearheaded. Given that this global oppression had originated on our soil, Occupy Chicago seeks to demonstrate that any real change must begin here as well, starting with the populace.

“Indisputably, the Air & Water Show is the biggest day for military recruiting all year in Chicago.  Our counter-recruiters will be there to say: the warcraft put on display today are precisely what we should be organizing against. Instead, use your minds, your voices, your gifts, to bring about positive change both locally and globally.” said Matthew McLoughlin an event organizer.

For more information on:
Chicago FOR (Fellowship of Reconciliation) see http://forusa.org/groups/local-chapters/chicago-for
Chicago World Can’t Wait visit http://chicagoworldcantwait.wordpress.com/
No Drones Illinois explore http://nodronesillinois.blogspot.com/
Pakistan Federation of America Chicago (USA)
Protest Chaplains Chicago see http://www.facebook.com/protestchaplainschicago
Wellington Avenue United Church of Christ check http://wp.waucc.org/

Facebook event: www.facebook.com/events/447650655268651