Public Comment After Mayor Dwight Welch Loses City Credit Card (Video/Story)

Country Club Hills, IL-(ENEWSPF)- Blistering. Angry. Harsh.

The public comment portion of the Monday’s city council meeting was direct and pointed, culminating in calls for Mayor Dwight Welch’s resignation.

"I’m not paying so you can go see your "honey-dew" on the other side of town," one woman told the council.

"I’m getting pimped by ‘Crook County," she said, "I don’t need to get pimped by Country Club Hills."

Cheryl Copeland’s response to the overspending allegations on Welch’s part was to ask for help. Her son is facing a $1700 ambulance bill after he was shot in the back in Country Club Hills.

A few spoke in support of the mayor — "I love Mayor Welch," saidIda Harris –but the majority who got up to the mic expressed their displeasure.

The last speaker, Rev. Ralph Tolbert, echoed the sentiments of several who spoke, "Dwight, please, just resign."

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