Rep. Schakowsky and House Democrats Send Letter to AIG on Possible Lawsuit Against the American Taxpayers and U.S. Government

Washington, D.C.–(ENEWSPF)–January 9, 2013 – Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky released the following statement on the letter she led to AIG in response to reports that the company is considering joining a lawsuit against American taxpayers and the U.S. government:

“Today I will be sending a letter, along with 13 other House members, urging AIG not to join a lawsuit seeking damages from the U.S. government, which comes after the American taxpayers saved the company with an unprecedented $182 billion bailout.

“AIG played a significant role in the collapse of the American economy as a result of its irresponsible business practices.

“I’m shocked to see AIG running commercials, celebrating its repayment of taxpayer-funded loans, and then turning around and slapping these same taxpayers in the face by considering joining this lawsuit.  It is the American taxpayers and the federal government that are responsible for AIG’s existence today.  I urge AIG not to join the lawsuit and instead to work to earn back the trust of the American public.”

(Full text of the letter is available here)


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