Representative DeLuca’s Local Government Distributive Fund Bill Sent to Senate

SPRINGFIELD—(ENEWSPF)—April 11, 2013. Legislation designed to improve local government efficiency sponsored by State Representative Anthony DeLuca (D-Chicago Heights) passed through the House with broad bipartisan support this past Tuesday. The measure now advances to the Illinois Senate.

“This legislation will help eliminate the harmful delays and fund sweeps that local governments presently face and allow them to quickly receive income tax receipts as expected,” said DeLuca. “Currently, the wait is about six months for money to be transferred from the General Revenue Fund to the Local Government Distribute Fund. This legislation will allow local government to receive their money faster. As a former mayor of Chicago Heights, I understand that receiving their money in a timely manner is extremely important for providing fire and police protection and for the overall daily operations and public safety of local municipalities.”

House Bill 961 requires the state send their six percent share of income tax receipts directly to the Local Government Distributive Fund instead of going through the General Revenue Fund first. If signed into law, this measure would prevent local governments from receiving delayed LGDF payments and also prevent the possibility of these funds from being removed from general revenue through fund sweeps and used for other purposes.

“This measure passed out of the House with overwhelming support. I hope the senate will follow suit,” said DeLuca. “I’m continuing to work diligently to promote government efficiency and improve our great state, and hope the Senate will pass this important legislation quickly.”

For more information, please contact State Representative DeLuca’s constituent office at 708-754-7900.