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Mama’s Curse: The Show You Need to See

Cast of Mama's Curse of the Corner Blues
The cast of Mama’s Curse of the Corner Blues: TOP ROW (left to right) Quinniya Hearn, Zoë Jones, Sydney Perkins, Cherita Murrell, Didia Sims, Cherise Joy Stone, Kayla Liggins, Jasmine Mayes, Ismail Taher; SEATED (left to right): Michel’le Crayton, Mary Q. Angel, Kailyn Lamb.

Park Forest, IL-(ENEWSPF)- Mama’s Curse is the show you need to see. Written to raise awareness about sex trafficking, it also touches on homelessness, addiction, and broken family dynamics.

It premieres at Theater 47 in Downtown Park Forest on October 19 and 20.

Properly titled Mama’s Curse of the Corner Blues, writer, director, and producer Mary Q. Angel spoke with eNews Park Forest about this compelling drama.

Expect some music, some dancing, and strong “street themes,” as Ms. Angel puts it. Performed by a cast of 10, Ms. Angel described the production as “pop scenes.”

“It’s a very fast-paced show. Everybody starts with urgency. These characters are in the middle of chaos. They start there. So, that’s what makes it fun. That’s what makes it real too,” she said. “Everyone has – everyone is at a crossroads. Everyone is in the middle of a decision. There are choices to be made, and it’s really fun to travel with the characters, and see who they are, despite their lives, how crazy their lives may be.  You really get to see their hearts. That’s what’s fascinating about the show.”

The Cast from Mama's Curse of the Corner Blues warms up at Theater 47.
The cast from Mama’s Curse of the Corner Blues warms up at Theater 47 in Downtown Park Forest. (Photo: Gary Kopycinski)

Characters include “your Madam Island, her daughter Tina, who struggles with the drug addiction, and she’s in between street life, and her husband who’s an aspiring preacher,” Ms. Angel said. ” You have two additional males in the play. One by the name of Vugs, who’s homeless alongside his Lady Dee. They’re the friendly street bums. And you have John, who’s the Madame’s Lover. “

“So, we got a lot going on,” Ms. Angel continued with enthusiasm. “It’s a sparkly show.  It’s raw.  It’s authentic. We do not hold back. We are really giving our hearts. What we want to do is bring humanity to those who are in these types of struggles. We are holding street life under a microscope.  And yes, it’s a touching show. It’s funny. It’s deep. It could be dark. It’s very entertaining. It’s surprising from beginning to end.  It’s definitely a show where you’re going to see yourself in one shape, form, or another, you will.”

Because the show is so “raw,” as Ms. Angel said, she does not recommend that young children attend. And for those of teen years or adults, there will be organizations present to speak with those who might be grappling with such issues, or have family members or friends who are doing so.

“You’re going to witness vulnerable performances,” she said. “You will sit down in your seat and be able to identify with, if not one, three characters on the stage. It’s everybody’s story.

“The only people that it’s not for, I would say, children, because there is explicit language. There’s adult content obviously, so we recommend mature audience. But this show is for everybody and doesn’t matter the race.  It doesn’t matter your background.  It can be men, women, teenagers, college. I definitely recommend because it’s educational.”

Writer and director Mary Q. Angel
Writer and director Mary Q. Angel at a rehearsal in Park Forest’s Theater 47. (Photo: Gary Kopycinski)

“We are addressing serious life themes, so we definitely want people to be entertained. We want people to – but also walk away educated,” she said. “So, we don’t want to rip out your heart, and then leave you with nowhere to go. So, that’s where we have our organizations come in and talk a little bit more about some of the themes that we’re addressing here with the show.”

Ms. Angel said representatives of various organizations will likely come before the audience either before the show or during intermission to tell their story. They will also be around in the lobby.

Tickets are $30 and are available here at Eventbrite.

Cast of Mama’s Curse of the Corner Blues

Mary Q. AngelWriter/Director
Dr. Cherise Joy Stone a.k.a. Joy StormIsland
Kayla LigginsTina
Kailyn LambRuby
Cherita MurrellShirah
Michel’le CraytonAutumn
Ismail TaherJoe
Enrique KingsJohn
Didia SimsVugs
Quinniya HearnDee
Sydney PerkinsLady of the Night
Zoë JonesSummer
Kristy ArostaProducer
Jasmine MayesAssistant Director

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