Park Forest Forced to Limit Road Salt to Major Intersections

Salt truck

(Photo: VOPF)

Park Forest, IL–(ENEWSPF)– The Park Forest Department of Public Works is urging residents to use extreme caution when driving on less-traveled roads in Park Forest.

According to Village officials, due to salt shortages, only main routes, intersections, hills and curves will be salted. This practice will remain indefinitely.

Director of Public Works Ken Eyer shared an informational item with the Village Board at last Monday’s meeting regarding the expense and shortage of salt this season.

“Subsequent to the presentation to the Board this past Monday night regarding our salt supply it is has snowed or conditions have been icy every day since,” Village Manager Tom Mick said Friday. ” Village Staff’s concerns regarding our dwindling salt supply, and the sketchy prospects for acquiring more at even a premium rate per tonnage, have led to the determination that beginning this weekend, salt will only be applied at intersections, on main arterial roads and those roadway curves in town that are deemed to be dangerous. Clearly, Public Works will be plowing all roads with any of the anticipated snowfall predicted for this weekend and beyond.”

Any questions should be directed to the Department of Public Works at 708-503-7702.

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