Hillary for America, Together with Joint Accounts, Began October with About $152 Million in the Bank

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NEW YORK–(ENEWSPF)–October 21, 2016.  Today, Hillary for America (HFA) filed its October monthly FEC report covering the month of September. The report shows that HFA began October with more than $59 million in the bank after raising more than $85 million in September thanks to more than 1.5 million contributions from about 900,000 people during the month. The average donation to HFA during September was about $56.

Between HFA, the Hillary Victory Fund (HVF) and the Hillary Action Fund (HAF), Democrats began October with more than $152 million in the bank.

“Heading into the final weeks of the election, we are making unprecedented investments in the coordinated campaign to help Democrats win up and down the ballot,” said Hillary for America Campaign Manager Robby Mook. “Thanks to the more than 2.6 million Americans who have donated to this campaign, we are now working to expand the map into states like Arizona to have even more paths to 270 electoral votes and increase our investments to help win competitive down ballot races across the country.”

Hillary Clinton and Senator Tim Kaine brought in over $153 million through Hillary for America, the HVF, and the HAF in September of 2016.

HFA raised about $23 million in September in contributions of $200 or less (unitemized directly raised to HFA and unitemized allocations from HVF), and more than 60 percent of the campaign’s contributions for the month were from women.

Hillary for America is also continuing the tradition of transparency she started in 2008 and is voluntarily publishing a list of her top volunteer fundraisers, found here on her website.

The breakdown of the numbers is as follows:

September HFA Raised:

  • Direct contributions to Hillary for America: $41,055,190.28
  • Allocated contributions through HVF: $43,153,349.65 (allocated prior to HVF expenses)*
  • Allocated contributions through HAF: $939,799.47 (allocated prior to HAF expenses)*
  • Total HFA contributions:  $85,148,339.40

September HFA Disbursements:

  • Direct HFA disbursements: $82,103,811.16
  • HFA’s allocated share of HVF disbursements: $12,553,349.65
  • HFA’s allocated share of HAF disbursements: $89,799.47
  • Total HFA disbursements: $94,746,960.28

Other Key Stats:

  • HFA cash on hand: $59,664,302.08
  • HFA debt: $626,094.77
  • September HFA unitemized contributions ($200 or less): $23,583,206.19 ($12,146,139.20 + $11,431,207.00 allocated from HVF + $5,859.99 allocated from HAF)
  • HFA raised for the cycle: more than $497,700,00.00
  • Total raised for the cycle for DNC and State Parties: More than $275,000,000
  • September average donation to HFA: about $56
  • September: 98% of donations to HFA were in increments of $250 or less
  • September: More than 60% of HFA contributions were from women
  • HVF/HAF cash on hand: about $93,085,665.28

*To pull allocated contributions, convert text file of the HFA report to excel using FEC software “fs2comma”, found at:

Filter column A, which indicates the type of contribution, disbursement, or debt on the report, to “SA18” to show the transfers and allocations from HVF and HAF reported on line 18.

Filter column E, which indicates if the item on the report is a transfer or allocation from HVF and HAF to HFA, to “SA18” to show only the itemized and unitemized allocations. Those steps will remove transfers and partnerships while leaving the amounts allocated from individuals and other political committees.

Sum column U, which shows the contributions amounts, to see total allocation from HVF and HAF to HFA.

Source: http://hillaryclinton.com