Occupy Pittsburgh Evicts BNY Mellon and Plans a Week of Action

Pittsburgh, PA—(ENEWSPF)—December 12, 2011. Occupy Pittsburgh will deliver an eviction notice to BNY Mellon at 8:30 AM, Monday, December 12th.  BNY Mellon is a criminal enterprise masquerading as a respectable institution in the Pittsburgh community.  They are currently being sued by the attorneys general of New York, Florida and Virginia where BNY Mellon is accused of stealing $2 billion from public pension funds by overcharging them for foreign currency trades.  Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, William Galvin, in October accused BNY Mellon of using “a hidden scheme” to maximize profits in foreign exchange transactions involving pension funds at the cost of retired people.  The bank is also being sued for $1 billion by the Retirement System of the City of Detroit for mismanaging pension funds. 

Occupy Pittsburgh will not sit idly by while BNY Mellon continues to prey on the retired community.  Older Americans cannot afford to be robbed.  

Serving the eviction notice to BNY Mellon is the first in a week of actions planned by Occupy Pittsburgh.  On Tuesday Occupy Pittsburgh will stand in solidarity with students at the University of Pittsburgh demonstrating against unfair tuition hikes.  Wednesday is day 60 of Pittsburgh’s Occupation at The People’s Park on Sixth between Grant and Ross Streets.   It’s a great day for supporters of the movement to visit the encampment to show solidarity with Occupy Pittsburgh and the 99%.  Thursday Occupy Pittsburgh encourages supporters to attend the General Assembly at 7pm.  There’s going to be a lot to talk about.  Ending the week, Occupy Pittsburgh will demonstrate in support of local public transportation and public transit workers.  

Source: www.OccupyPittsburgh.org