Reid: Bipartisan Compromise Puts 74,000 Americans Back To Work For Now

Washington, D.C.–(ENEWSPF)–August 5, 2011.  Nevada Senator and Majority Leader Harry Reid today issued the following statement following Senate passage of a short-term reauthorization of the Federal Aviation Administration that will put thousands back to work:

“On Monday 74,000 Americans will go back to work because the Senate passed a bi-partisan compromise to end the partial shutdown of the Federal Aviation Administration. I have received assurances from Secretary LaHood that the rural communities whose economies rely on air service will be protected.

“The hard-working men and women affected by this standoff should never have been furloughed in the first place. They were out of work for two weeks because Republicans were holding their jobs hostage to try and jam through a favor for the CEO of one airline.

“Republicans like Representative John Mica are already threatening to force these 74,000 Americans out of their jobs again when this extension expires on September 16th. With millions of Americans struggling, we cannot afford for Republicans to hold common-sense jobs bills hostage to the Tea Party’s ideological agenda. I hope Republicans will come to their senses and put the interests of the middle class ahead of the Tea Party and favors for airline CEOs.”